Marcus Simeone


Don't Tell Mama
New York, NY
Marcus Simeone’s emotionally charged show at the Metropolitan Room, Heart, produced by Jason Darrow, should not be missed by those who enjoy real showmanship.  They will have the opportunity to see it when Simeone returns to the Met on November 9 and December 15.   Beginning the act with “Too Shy to Say” immediately reminded me of Stevie Wonder, and, guess what? It is by Wonder.  Simeone hams it up as he sings in his pleasing, reliable voice that changes in tempo and increases in volume.  In addition to using his compelling voice, with his emotionally expressive face, he grabs the audience’s attention and involvement in the act, as evidenced by it’s foot-tapping to the beat and the applause that follows.

Though at first Simeone’s palette seems a bit limited, his singing of  “Somewhere Lies the Moon” disabuses one of this impression.  Here, ironically, his well-trained voice renders a more intelligent, nuanced delivery with more shadings of feeling that appeal to the emotions naturally. We see that trained technique can produce what is intuitively unexpected—smooth, easy-seeming, unaffected results.

Marcus Simeone’s unusual generosity in introducing and handing over the stage to a young singer, Caress, during his October 5th performance was moving and admirable.  He was warm and empathetic as he encouraged her to work up an act and even shared with those present the fear he had to overcome to do so himself.   He even moved among the audience, and gave several amateurs the opportunity to join in the refrain, "Just one kiss.”  An outbreak of smiles and laughs moved contagiously through the room.

Barry Levitt, musical director, and the Barry Levitt Quartet, do a fine job of accompanying the singer.  Marcus Simeone is also assisted by back-up singer, Carol Goodgirl.

Gloria Taplin
Cabaret Scenes
October 5, 2008