Everything Must Change


Marcus Simeone

Everything Must Change

Metropolitan Room
New York, NY
As Marcus Simeone performed his newest show, Everything Must Change, at the Metropolitan Room, and his warmth and bright energy spilled over the audience, it was clear that if you could plug an electric cord into him and channel that power to Con Ed, you could light up New York for a month. The songs in Everything Must Change, as Marcus explained, were about change itself – change in individuals and in the world around us, some of it welcome, some of it uncomfortable, including the change in the music world occasioned by the death of Michael Jackson three nights earlier. With musical arrangements and spirited piano work by Barry Levitt and melodic guitar backup by Jack Cavari, Marcus offered combinations of gospel and rock (“Many Rivers to Cross,” “Long Time Coming”); standards (“There’ll Be Some Changes Made,” “You’ve Changed,” Janis Ian’s “Love Where You Can”); show tunes (“Getting to Know You,” upbeat, with the saccharine happily amputated), and his always-powerful rendition of “Strange Fruit.” Marcus continues to grow as a performer, his throbbing tenor freer, more assured, more expressive, and, thanks to the intimacy of the Metropolitan Room, his connection with the audience more natural yet stronger than ever.

Peter Haas
Cabaret Scenes
June 28, 2009

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